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Founded in 1983 by Hebron family, Patient First Medical and Diagnostics Center was the 1st Diagnostic Center in a mall.


"Providing personalized care since 1994"

Our Services

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services are customizable

to address specific requirements.

Patient First Medical Center is a multi-specialty clinic. See our clinical departments.

Medical Specializations

Expect quick turn around of your essential laboratory and radiology results.

Laboratory & Radiology

Our History

Our History


For more than 30 years, Hebron family owned and operated an Ambulatory Care Center in Virginia, USA. This concept was started back in 1983, Hebrons vision to be the preferred and trusted ambulatory care center in the city.

It was 10 years after in 1994 that Hebron family decided to open the 1st Ambulatory Care Center in the Philippines within a mall setting. Thus, Patient First Medical and Diagnostics Center was born. This clinic was adapted to include Medical Specialists to meet the needs of the patients. It was the first of its kind to have a doctor and diagnostics testing available as you walk in with no appointment necessary.


Why choose Patient First?

Our Specialists
Our Health Packages
Our Accredited HMO's
Our Happy Patients

We have a highly experienced medical specialist that provides a personalized care  ensuring a better outcomes and continuity of care.

We customized health packages based on individual's need from Male to Female, 18 to 50's and above.

We are accredited with

over 20 Health Maintenance Organizations HMO's

We provide a personalized

care since 1994

Accredited HMO


Patient First e-Consult

Bringing you personalized quality health care anywhere. Patient First e-Consult is our telemedicine solution to remain safe and healthy in this pandemic with a medical concierge online.

I recently had a 2D echo done, and the staff was highly professional, friendly, and attentive. They made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure, and the results were promptly explained by the skilled and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!
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