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Putting Your Employees' Health First Every Step of the Way

Comprehensive Medical Services for Businesses

At Patient First Medical Clinic, we are dedicated to your health. We offer a wide range of corporate services designed to keep your employees healthy and productive. We're here to help you achieve your healthcare goals.
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Accredited by Almost All HMO Providers in the Philippines & Select International Providers

Patient First Medical Clinic is recognized by nearly all HMO service providers in the Philippines, as well as select international providers. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of medical service to our patients. Our offerings include medical consultations, laboratory tests, and minor surgical procedures, extending to complex health issues requiring hospital referral and care. Your health and safety are our top priorities.

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Pre-Employment Medical Exam (PEME)

We conduct a comprehensive pre-employment medical exam to assess your suitability for employment. Our evaluation is thorough, covering every aspect of your health.

Annual Physical Exam (APE)

Don’t let your employees' health be overlooked. Our corporate annual physical exam is a thorough health assessment designed to keep your employees healthy and satisfied in their roles.

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Executive Check-Up (ECU)

Stay proactive with our Executive Annual Physical Exam. Leveraging advanced technology and a tailored approach, we ensure you receive the highest standard of healthcare.

DOH-Accredited Services Providing Accurate & Fast Turnaround Time

Our laboratory services are accredited by the Philippine Department of Health to provide accurate results for our clients. From routine tests to specialized analysis, we pride ourselves on delivering quality services to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. 
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Let's Tailor-fit the Way You Take Care of Your Employees

Choose the Best Medical Package for Your Company

Elevate your company’s healthcare approach with our customizable Medical Packages. Designed to meet the unique needs of your employees, our packages include a range of services from medical consultations to diagnostic tests and specialized care plans. Let us help you ensure the well-being of your team with the perfect healthcare solution.

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Extending Rehabilitation Medicine for Your Employees

Ensure your team’s swift and effective recovery with our Rehabilitation Medicine services. Tailored to each individual's needs, our program uses the latest technologies and methods to help employees overcome injuries and return to their roles stronger and more confident. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

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