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Patient First e-Consult

Patient First e-Consult is our telemedicine solution to remain safe and
healthy in this pandemic with a medical concierge online.

e-Consult Flow

Book your e-Consult today with the following steps.







Book your e-Consult from 9 am to 5 pm,  Monday - Friday.

Our nurse concierge will determine if your condition is appropriate for e-Consults.

All e-Consults will then be held on Zoom. Make sure you are on time for your e-Consult.

Payments are made easy online through


Bank transfers are also accepted.

After your visit, Patient First will send you a secure e-mail or Viber with patient care instructions, a summary of the clinical findings, prescriptions, referral instructions, and other necessary documents

Get the most out of your e-Consult.

1. Download Zoom and Viber prior to your e-Consult session.

2. Write down your symptoms.

  Describe your fever, how long has it been?
  Do you have a cough? A cold? 

  Loss of taste?

3. Take High Quality Pictures
  Skin rashes, Irritations that you have

4. State any preexisting conditions that you have

5. Put medical devices you have close at hand.

6. Write down your questions.

7. Find a quiet spot.

8. Prepare your device(s) beforehand.

Book your e-Consult.


Thank you, we'll get back to you shortly.

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